AGHORA At the Left Hand of God

AGHORA At the Left Hand of God
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AGHORA At the Left Hand of God


This is the story of the Aghori Vimalanada. An Aghori is a practitioner of the spiritual discipline known as Aghora. The word aghora can be interpreted as “deeper than deep,” or as “gentle,” or “filled with light, illumined.” Aghora is the apotheosis of Tantra, the Indian religion whose Supreme Diety is the Mother Goddess.

Tantra has thus far been glimpsed in the West only in its most vulgar and debased forms, promulgated by unscrupulous scoundrels who equate sex with superconsciousness. Sex is indeed central to Tantra is Laya, return of the seeker to the state of undifferentiated existence. Actually Tantra cannot be termed a religion, because it is bereft of tenets and dogma. It consists only of methods for achieving this Laya, or union of the individual with the infinite. This union is described with a sexual metaphor: the union of the personal ego (which is female) with the absolute (male). Under special circumstances sexual rituals are employed in Tantra to hasten spiritual progress, but the concept the licentiousness is totally foreign to the Tantric tradition.

Tantra has been divided into Right-Hand and Left-Hand Paths. The Right-Hand Path involves a search for the Unlimited Reality via the road of external imposition of purity. While its practices may seem strange to some, its emphasis on personal purity will be familiar to those in the West who know of Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Raja Yoga, all of which conform more or less to orthodox ideals of religious discipline.

The left-Hand Path has attracted attention to itself by the actions of those unwise souls who seek quick and easy spiritual development without any preliminary renunciation of sensory gratification. The result of such rashness is invariably indulgence of the worst and most blatant sort, which has damaged the Left-Hand Path’s reputation.

The Left-Hand Path relies on its practitioners’ absolute internal purity to protect them while they practice rituals which may involve necromancy, intoxicants, sex, or other “forbidden” practices. Most serious aspirants automatically shun the Left-Hand Path because of its potential for misuse, which is indeed great. It is truly treacherous for the unwary: one text observes that “walking on swords or riding a tiger is child’s play by comparison.” Ironically, those undisciplined individuals who cannot succeed at the Left-hand Path are naturally attracted to it by the potential for unbridled indulgence it seems to proffer, while those sincere seekers who might eventually succeed at it are frightened away by its temptations.

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