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SRI JNANADEVA AMRITANVBHAVA-AMBROSIAL EXPERIENCE With CANGADEVA PASASTI INTRODUCTION: It is a small monograph of sixty-five verses having the legend “Changadeva Pasashti”, written as a reply to the Changadeva’s blank epistle. In Marathi “Pasashti” means sixty-five. Changadeva was a great Siddha who lived for more than 1400 years on the banks of the Tapi river. His preceptor was Vateshwar and from him he acquired a great many mystic powers and he succeeded him as Vateshwar. Although he was very learned, he was unable to make much advance in spiritual matters. Having heard about Jnanadeva’s fame and glory as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he once visited Alandi to meet Jnanadeva. He arrived at Alandi with a great fanfare carrying large retinue and regalia; he himself was mounted on a tiger and carried a live serpent as a whip to control the carrier. Jnanadeva, his sister and two brothers were sitting on the parapet basking in the sun. Having come to know that a greater Siddha had come to their place.
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