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THE VOICE OF VALMIKI Aranya Kanda PREFACE The world is more or less a rest house. Some are born into the world while others leave the world and go. If birth is the entrance to it, death is its exit. None lives here forever. When the world itself is transitory how can life here be permanent? We come here so as to go and we go so as to return. Life is, therefore, a succession of coming and going. We do not know from where but we all enetered the mother’s womb. How much pain, discomfort and sorrow we might have suffered there until we finally arrived in the world as infants! Even here we grew up in troubles and tears and lived struggling with fresh problems mushrooming at every twist and turn of life. We will continue to live in this desperate plight until one day we enter the grave. Meanwhile, we enter into so many things. We enter schools, we enter jobs, we enter into business contracts and private treaties. We enter into wedlock and new homes. But not one of these has shown us the entrance to peace and happiness. A journey is, afterall, a journey. How can we hope to get lasting happiness on the journey? We bear discomfort, put up with inconveniences, meet challenges and face dangers. We can never hope to be free of difficulties and sorrow in life. But from all those challenges, trials, difficulties and dangers we must try our best to emerge successfully. A sea without tides is unimaginable. But if you wish to swim you have to know the art of swimming amidst the tides. Similarly, you should know the art of living amidst hardships and sorrows. Aranya Kanda teaches us the art of living. Ayodhya Kanda begins with the word gachchata. Gachchata means to go. Aranya Kanda begins with the word pravishya. Pravishya means to enter. While Ayodhya Kanda tells us about those who departed, Aranyakanda tell us about those who entered or are yet to enter: “Sri Rama who was wise and invincible entered the Dandaka forest and there he visited several ashrams”
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