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ATHARVA-VEDA SAMHITA VOLUME 1 The Vedic Samhita The Veda, revealed as the Divine Knowledge at the earliest event of human history has been classified into four sections of Vidyas or Learning: Jnana or the basic priciples, Karma or the dictates for the purposeful life, Upasana or man’s emotional relationship with the creation and the creator and Vijnana or Vyavahara i.e. Science and other norms for attaining individual and social success through human activities. All the Vedas stand on one and common philosophy, and for convenience have been classified into four texts or the Samhitas – the Rk, the Sama, the Yahjuh and the Atharva. The largest number of verses are in the Rg-v veda Samhita (verses 10,552), classified in 10 Mandalas, 1028 Suktas, or 8 Astakas, 64 Adhyayas, 2024 Vargas and 85 Anuvakas. In the Atharva-veda, we have in all 6031 verses, classified in 20 Kandas 736 Suktas, 111 Anuvakas, and 36 Prapathakas. In the Yajur-veda has 1875 verses classified in the Puvarcika (585 verses). The Aranyaka (59 Verses) Mahanamni hymns (6 verses) and the Uttararcika, e.g. from 651 to 1875 verses (1225 verses).
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