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ATHARVA VEDA SAMHITA VOLUME 2 Kanda IV Brhaspati and Aditya IV.1.1 The supreme Lord was the first knower, pre-existing all. That beautiful one, from the summit enlightens beautiful worlds. He illuminates the regions, mid-regions, the worlds existing therein, and the womb of the existent and the non-existent. (cf. Yv. XII 3) IV.1.2 May this illuminating fatherly speech, present within beings, come to the fore for giving birth to her first born. For him, let them boil this delicious strength giving milk daily, so that the first-born may survive. IV.1.3 The learned one, who becomes his kin declares birth of all the bounties of Nature. The Lord supreme came out of the Lord supreme. In the middle, downwards and upwards extend His self-substaining powers. IV.1.4 Surely He as fixed the sky. He the earth in their right places and the vast heaven and earth as an abode. The great one, having pervaded with His appearance, has steadied the vast heaven, the terrestrial abode, as well as the midspace. IV.1.5 He existed from the very beginning (origin), even before the first birth. The divine Lord supreme is glorious ruler of that creation. As the bright day was born out of the light, so may the luminious wise ones live happily.
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