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ATHARVA VEDA SAMHITA VOLUME 3 Kanda VII Atman VII.1.1 They, who meditate upon the principal source of speech (i.e., the Lord supreme), or who proclaim eternal truths with their mind, waxing great with the third state of knowledge, utter the name of supreme Lord dhenu: bestower of desired things like a milch cow) in their fourth state of realization. VII.1.2 He, the son, knows the father; He (knows) the mother; He becomes the impeller (sunuh), He becomes the bounteous replenisher. He envelopes the sky, the midspace and the world of bliss. He becomes all this (universe). He exists every where all around. Atman VII.2.1 Whoever has realized with his mind the immutable supreme Lord (atharvan), the father, the friend of the enlightened ones, the womb of the mother, the germ of the father, the youthful, (and) this very sacrifice, let him proclaim to us; let him explain that here now.
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