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ATHARVA-VEDA SAMHITA Volume IV Kanda – XI Brahmaudana Accompanying a rice-dish offering XI.I.1 O Agni, be thou born; (indestructible) Aditi here, suppliant, cooks a brahman-rice-dish, adorable-sons; the seven – seers being makers, let them churn you, here together with progeny. XI.1.2 Make ye smoke, O ye showerers, companions, ye that are aided by the unhateful (?), unto speech, this Agni fight-overpowering, having good heroes, by whom the gods overpowered the barbarians. XI.1.3 O Agni, thou hast been born unto great heroism, unto the cooking of the brahman-rice-dish, O jatavedas; the seven Saptarshi seers being makers – they have given thee birth; do thou confirm to this woman wealth with all heroes. XI.1.4 Kindled, O Agni, be thou kindled with kindling (samidh); mayest thou bring hiter, knowing, the worshipful gods; for them cooking (sra) the oblation, O Jatavedas, make thou this man to ascend to the highest firmament (naka). XI.1.5 Threefold is set down the share that is yours of old, of gods, of fathers, of mortals; know ye the portions (ansa); I share them out to you; that one that is the gods, shall set this woman across. XI.1.6 O Agni, powerful, overcoming, thou overcomes; put down (our) hating rivals; let this measure (matra) being measured, and measured, make (thy) fellows tribute-bringers to thee.
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