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ATHARVA-VEDA SAMHITA Volume V Kanda – XVI PRAYAYA – I Prajapati XVI.1.1 Sent away is the shower of waters; sent away are the fires celestial. XVI.1.2 Breaking, shattering, crushing, slaughtering. XVI.1.3 Utterly destructive, mind-killer, digger in, burner, ruiner of soul, ruiner of body XVI.1.4 Now I let him loose. May I not receive him back. XVI.1.5 Thereby we slay him, who hates us, (and) whom we hate. XVI.1.6 You are the foremost part of the waters. I let you loose towards the ocean. XVI.1.7 What fire is there in the waters, that, utterly destructive, digging in, ruiner of body, I hereby let loose. XVI.1.8 O Waters, the fire, which had entered you, that is this; what is terrible of you, that is this. XVI.1.9 Let him anoint you with the strength of the resplendent Lord. XVI.1.10 O waters unpolluted, may you remove pollution away from us. (Same as X.5.24) XVI.1.11 May they carry away sin from us; may they carry away the evil dream. XVI.1.12 O waters, may you look at me with an auspicious eye; may you touch my skin with your auspicious body. XVI.1.13 We invoke the auspicious fires seated within the waters. May they, the divine ones, bestow ruling power and lustre on me.
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