Ancient Indian Tradition Mythology V.23 Brahmanda Purana Pt.2

Ancient Indian Tradition  Mythology V.23  Brahmanda  Purana Pt.2
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Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology Volume 23 The Brahmand Purana Part II Chapter One Creation of Sages Now begins the Madhyabhaga (middle section) of the Brahmanda Purana. Samsapayana requested: 1. “The second pada (section) has already been narrated to us along with its appendix (Anusanga). (Kindly) recount in details the Third Pada along with its Introductory Part (Upodghata).” Suta said: 2. “I shall narrate to you all the Third Pada (called) Upoghata in details and aggregate, O Brahamanas. Understand it even as I recite. 3. Listen to the present creative activity of the noble souled Vaivasvata Manu in details and in the proper order, O Brahmanas. 4-6. It (the present Manvantara) has already been reckoned before as consisting of seventy one sets of four Yugas. After paying obeisance to the Sun-god (Vivasvan) I shall narrate to you the creative activity of Vaivasta Manu right from the beginning of Manu to the end of the ‘Prophecies of the future’ (Bhavisya). The narrative consists of many episodes of the groups of Devas, Sages, Danavas, Pitrs, Gandharvas, Yaksas, Raksasas, Bhutas (Evil Spirits), great serpents, human beings, animals, birds and immobile beings.
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