Ancient Indian Tradition Mythology V.26 Brahmanda Purana Pt.5

Ancient Indian Tradition  Mythology V.26  Brahmanda  Purana Pt.5
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Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology Volume 26 The Brahmanda Purana Part V Chapter Thirtyone Manifestations of Seven Chambers and the daughters of Matanga Agastya said: 1. What is this called Sripura? Of what form and nature is it? By whom was it built at the outset formerly. Narrate everything to me. 2. What is its extent? What is its colour? Tell me, O holy lord. You alone are the veritable sun for drying up the mud of doubts. Hayagriva said: 3-4. Lalita Paramesvari who was born out of the great sacrificial fire, carried out the playful activity viz. of marriage (with Kamesvara). On being requested by Brahma and the others, she (secured the chariot Cakraratha endowed with all the characteristics mentioned before) and defeated the Asura named Bhanda who was thorn (a source of trouble) for the whole world. 5. Thereupon, Devas beginning with lord Mahendra attained great satisfaction. They, therefore, were eager to build a splendid mansion for Kamesvara and Lalita, fully furnished with all the objects of daily utility and enjoyment. 6-7. Brahma, Visnu, and Mahesvara, the sons of Lalita devi, invited Visvakarma the carpenter of the Devas, skilled in all mechanical arts and crafts as well as Maya, the architect of the Asuras, who was a great expert in employing Maya. At the behest of Lalita, they received them and said.
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