Ancient Indian Tradition & Mythology V.62 -Skanda Purana - Pt14

Ancient Indian Tradition & Mythology V.62 -Skanda Purana - Pt14
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Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology Volume 62 The Skanda Purana Part XIV Book V: Avantya-Khanda Secton III: Reva-Khanda Chapter One Purana Texts Described Obeisance to Sri Ganesa. Om Obeisance to Sri Purusottama. Om Obeisance to Hari, Hara, and Hiranyagarbha. Obeisance to Vyasa, Valmiki, Suka, and Parasara. Obeisance to Preceptors, Cows, and Brahmanas. 1. May the waters of the Narmada protect ye all – the waters which inebriate the swarms of bees with the fragrance of ichor washed off from the temples of elephants taking a dip in her, which are made tawny-coloured due to the saffron dissolved (and washed away) from the pairs of breasts Siddha women while they take their holy bath in her, of which trees on either bank are strewn over with the flowers offered by sages every morning and evening, (the waters0 the force of the waves of which is checked by alligators and trunks of elephants. 2. May Narmada with sacred places on her both banks who has washed off the masses of sins of all the worlds and is worthy of being venerated by Devas, sages and human beings, always dispel (our) sins. 3. Narmada is possessed of meritorious waters. She has sanctified the entire earth. May she destroy all sins past, present, and future, of the people taking birth on the earth. 4. Even ascetics desire her sandy banks. May Reva with Siva as her deity, ever rendering service to multitudes of sages, be conducive to my welfare.
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