Ancient Indian Tradition & Mythology V.65 -Skanda Purana - Pt17

Ancient Indian Tradition & Mythology V.65 -Skanda Purana - Pt17
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Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology’Volume 65 The Skanda Purana Part XVII Book VI: Nagara Khanda Chapter One Hundred Four Installation of Kusesvara and Lavesvara The sages said: 1. O suta, describe the greatness of those Lingas which were installed there by Raksasas endowed with devotion. Suta said: 2. The terrible Raksasas of extroadinary might used to come formerly from the city of Lanka in hundreds of ways for the sake of worshipping them. 3. While coming and going back, they used to devour many people including children and old ones both in the holy spot and on the way. 4. All the human beings in their eagerness to save their lives used to run about here and there. 5. The many of them went to the great city of Ayodhya. Exceedingly grief-stricken, they spoke thus to the excellent king Kusa, the son of Rama. 6-11. “Formerly, the Raksasas with Vibhisana as their leader had accompanied your father to the holy spot of Hatakesvara. Four-faced Lingas were installed by those leading Raksasas with their own sets of Mantras, in the western zone of that holy spot. In this connection, everyday many of them come to the holy spot and devour people. If at all Any human being were to worship those Lingas, he is doomed immediately. This too has become another terrible calamity. Hence, O king, if you do not save us, certainly the entire world will gradually come to ruin. Particularly, that holy spot is going to be doomed, for the Raksasas of ruthless activities and covetous of human flesh, frequent it.” 12. On hearing it, the king immediately entrusted the ministers with the governance of the kingdom. Then he went to the holy spot along with his army.
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