Arulmighu Naganathaswamy Temple

Arulmighu Naganathaswamy Temple
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ARULMIGHU NAGANATHASWAMY TEMPLE Page 7 Sun Graha to lose their effect and to become restrained. Both Raaghu and Kethu have no permanently assigned planetary position in the Rasi Chakras (12 Specific Places) which means all the 12 places are theirs and they are capable of bearing the power of the planet of the given Rasi and also the power of planet radiating towards it and cause good or bad effects. Raaghu planet grants/given properity as the Lord of Prosperity Kethu Planet is the Lord of Birthless ending of life (Motcha). If in a horoscope both Raaghu and Kethu reside in beneficiary places a person is will to reap all benefits for a good life. In the “Horoscope Alangara” book it is said clearly that if Raaghu resides in Mesha, Rishaba, Kadaka, Kanni and Mahara Rasi and another planet is at the fourth, eighth and twelfth places, the person is bound to enjoy the best life called “Paravath Yoga” and he will lead a life of a king in all glory. It is also considered to give the best life if Raaghu Planet resides at the 3rd 6th or 11th place from Lagna in the book Maaruthu Yoga.
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