Astronomical Observatory of Jaipur

Astronomical Observatory of Jaipur
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Astronomical Observatory of Jaipur Chapter 1 Life of Sawai Jai Singh The founder of the Astronomical observatories Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh was born in Vikarm Samvat 1745 or 1688 A.D. He ascended the throne in 1699 A.D. when he was still a minor. He founded Jaipur, a new city after his own name in 1727 A.D. He abandoned Amber, the ancient capital of Kachhawa Rajput Rulers. So Amber lost its importance and the history of the subsequent rulers of Dhundhar. He was the most remarkable man of his time and a man of Science, although he lived in a period of anarchy. The throne was not a bed of roses but of cactus bushes. His situation was like a rope walker, who gets applause if he does it, but knows for sure that a little slip is fatal. Perhaps he was self-consciously modelled as emperor Akbar the great, like whom he ascended the throne in young age. He distinguished himself early for his cool courage and a mature grasp of intricacies of politics. It was a difficult period ‘a period of treachery and violence’, that helped to bring out the best in him as a circumspect statesman and delight ruler. Jai Singh distinguished himself both as a man of science and a soldier as well as a builder. He was well versed in Sanskrit and Persian and was deeply interested in mathematics and astronomy. Under the supervision of his learned mother, he studied mathematics and astronomy.
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