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The Voice of Valmiki Bala Kanda PREFACE Truth is the foundation of all knowledge. There is no more power in words than there is in stones or stars, unless there be truth and knowledge in them. In proportion with the depth of truth and knowledge in them is their influence on man. When your dear ones part from you due to minor disagreements and misunderstandings how unhappy and lonely you feel ! If in such moments you can remember these words: ‘People’s minds are fickle.’ What a big relief it will be! When moments of great happiness suddenly change into those of utter despair, if you can remember these words: “Happiness will not be forever”. How calm and confident you feel ! If a young friend happens to die in an accident and in such a tragic situation if you can reflect on these words: “Death comes only by fate”. What a big solace it will be ! When people try to exploit your goodness if you can recollect the saying. “People take advantage of one who is soft and kind”. When you see much likeness between a wicked father and his son, if you can consider these words: “Does honey flow from a neem tree?” How wise and prudent you prove to be ! When a person is on death bed struggling for life and everyone around him looks on helplessly, if you can contemplate on these words: “When a tree is being cut down what can the tree next to it do?” How brave and fortified you become to face the inevitable ! There are no mere words but the deepest truths made known in the simplest and the commonest way. They are torches of spiritual wisdom that light our path in the wilderness of life. They are the rays radiating from the gems of knowledge that abound the treasure – trove of Ramayana. As a bee collects nectar from the bitter blossoms so must we learn to draw happiness even from sorrowful experiences and unhappy moments in life. Ramayana tells us how we can possibly do it. Valmiki’s Ramayana is the divine saga of Sri Rama crystallized into verses by the sage. The poem is divided into six cantos containing twenty four thousands slokas. It is the greatest epic poem of all times read and revered for its universality. It is popular not only for its literary value and aesthetic standards but also its holy thoughts and sacred emotions. Thoughts as deep as the unfathomable ocean, ideals as lofty as the space adorn the Ramayana Mahakavya. It is the masterpiece of Valmiki resonant with his majestic voice. Thorough out the epic the voice of Valmiki echoes with the loving tenderness of the best mother, the firmness of the best teacher, the prudence of the best judge and the confidence of the best doctor. Ramanyana is not a story be read and admired nor are its characters to be idolized and worshipped. Ramayana has not evolved to preach a new gospel. It does not merely ask us to believe in divinity and worship it but makes us live the divinity inherent in us. It helps us to look at life from a totally new angle and spurs us on the a higher and better life. It shows us that the ideals which shine before us and fill us with the joy of living are truth, goodness and beauty. The voice of Valmiki has the melody of a nightingale as also the ferocity of a lion. He sings the saga with the sweetness of a koel and roars the truths like a lion when he has to instruct. Not only that, Valmiki exercises a unique power over words. Even as he describes the characters and situations in the story he inspires us to acquire those pious and virtuous dispositions in which consists our highest improvements. In his own words: “Even as every drop of elixir is life-giving so is every letter in Ramayana a destroyer of sin.” Sage Valmiki is the “Adil Kavi” the first poet that the world knew and Ramayana is “Adi Kavyam” the first poem that was ever written. Valmiki’s poetry enchants the ear with its rhythm and elegant style, and runs gracefully and exquisitely as a limpid stream. It is not the eye that sees the beauty of nature nor the ear that hears the sweetness of music but the soul – the divinity within yourself – that is cognizant of all the perceptions of the mind and the senses. The nobler and more exalted your soul is the greater and richer are your perceptions. The divinity within yourself is therefore, the source of all knowledge, art and beauty. Ramayana is an ocean of beauty, art and wisdom. Those who stand on its shores see the beauty of the dancing waves and hear the rhythm of the tides. Those who take a dip in it are refreshed by the cool waters of its literature. But those who dive deeper are the most fortunate for they gather the pearls of wisdom. Valmiki’s language is the language of the heart heard in the innermost recesses of our heart. His voice is actually a call from within. It makes you thirst for truth, knowledge and bliss which are but the various aspects of your inner self. It is a quest for the self, a thirst for self-realization.
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