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Bhagavad Gita Demystified Vol 3 The Field And The Knower of the Field In this chapter, Krishna speaks to Arjuna about ksetra (Field) and ksetrajnya (Knower of the Field). This chapter is known as the ksetra ksetrajnya, the knower of the field. Krishna clearly talks about the physical matter in which we exist, as well as the consciousness that stays in the matter. In some way or other all of us are related to this whole universe, whether we understand it or not, whether we experience it or not. The Consciousness is the root cause. It is not only the origin, but also the cause. It is the source from which we come and in which we stay. The whole universe, the universal consciousness, is the space in which we all happen. Krishna uses the wave and the ocean as an analogy. The ocean is the universal consciousness or god, atma or whatever we may call it. Buddhists use the word nirvana, vedantis say brahman and Muslims say Allah. Whatever names we may use, we mean the same thing meaning the cosmic energy or universal consciousness. Krishna reveals the secret that we are like the waves, and the whole is the ocean. He explains how we can experience oneness with the ocean. Our only problem in life is that somehow we have forgotten that we are a part of the ocean. We forgot that we belong to the ocean. We forgot that we belong to the ksetrajnya. The word ksetrajnya means consciousness, which is the cause for the filed to function. Ksetra means field and ksetrajnya means knower of the field. Ksetra means body and ksetrajnya means the consciousness that knows it has a body. Our consciousness is ksetrajnya and our body or matter is ksetra. In this chapter, Krishna reveals the secrets of ksetra and ksetrajnya. If we don’t know the secrets of ksetrajnya, the ksetra acts if it is the owner. A small example: You buy a new car. You sit in the car and start driving. Suddenly, after ten minutes you realize that you do not know how to step it. If you don’t know how to stop the car, you are not driving the car, the car is driving you. In the same way, we get into this mind and into the body and start living. Suddenly at one point, we find that we are unable to stop the body or mind. It goes on as it wants and it is uncontrollable. If we have the habit of drinking coffee at seven in the morning, we don’t need to remember to do it by checking our watch. The moment it becomes seven, a ‘coffee bell’ will ring inside the mind. If we are addicted to smoking, the moment the craving for smoking happens, or any situation triggers the craving, immediately we feel like smoking. Throughout our life, our whole system is not under our control. The body and the mind are controlling us instead of us controlling them. It is similar to the car driving us instead of us driving the car. At this point, we are not the owner of the body and mind, the body and mind own us. Bring the body and mind under your conscious awareness. The body and mind are good servants but not good masters. As servants, they are great. Of course, without the body and mind you cannot live life, you cannot enjoy life. They are needed. But, unless they are under your control, they wil become your masters. Only two options are possible: Either you enjoy them or they enjoy you. In the beginning you may start smoking. After some time, you may not really be enjoying the smoke, but the smoke will be enjoying you. Similarly, in the beginning you may start drinking alcohol. After some time, the alcohol will be drinking you. In the beginning you start a habit and after some time that habit takes over your life. The habit will be enjoying your life. Then you are no longer a person with choices: You are a set of habits that is continuously repeated without your control. When we start using a car without reading the owner’s manual, suddenly we realize that we do not know where the hand brake is. We don’t know how to turn left or right. When we enter into the body and mind without knowing how to handle them, we are in the same situation. Bring the body and mind under your control before you ae brought under their control.
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