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BHAGAVATAM Swami Sundara Chaitanyananda PREFACE The world originates in love, lives in love and dissolve in love. Love has no beginning but is itself the source of the world. It is the divine power that flows from the human heart as devotion. Love has no form, but it once manifested itself in human form and incarnated on earth as Sri Krishna. The nectar of Srimad Bhagavata Katha flowed from the pen of Sri Veda Vyasa, issued from the divine lips of Sri Suka Brahma and settled down in the heart of a great devotee like Pareekshit. Bhagavata katha is most sacred. The five syllables in the word Bhagavatam are symbolic of the five steps to God-realization. While the syllable Bha stands for bhakti (devotion), ga stands for gyana (knowledge), va stands for viaragya (dispassion), ta stands for tapas (penance) and the last syllable m stands for mukti (Freedom). Bhagavata, therefore, preaches us to equip ourselves with bhakti, gyana, vairagya and tapas and ascend the throne of mukti. In Kali Yuga, only the divine nectar of Bhagavata has the efficacy to wash off the impurities from the heart of man. Vyasa, who wrote Bhagavata, recovered from his incompleteness. Pareekshit, who heard the story attained mukti. Therefore, undoubetedly, whoever hears this nectarine Bhagavata katha will attain salvation. Bhagavata is not a series of stories. It is an ocean of scriptural knowledge containing gem of bhakti, gyana and vairagya. It is a clarion call to self-realsation to all mankind. Dear Readers! This handy book Bhagavatam contains gems of wisdom gathered from the ocean of Bhagavata Katha and spiritually interpreted through the medium of characters, incidents, stories and anecdotes taken from the main theme. I ardently hope and wish it will be useful to all sadhakas.
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