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BHAGWAD GEETA: THE GATEWAY TO FREEDOM AUTHOR – PRABHA DUNEJA INTRODUCTION Bhagawad Geeta, the song of the Supreme Divinity is the holy dialogue between Arjuna and Lord Krsna. It is the personal communion of the human soul with the Supreme Soul. It is the communication of Nara with his eternal companion Narayana; where the human soul brings forward a question O’Lord please enlighten me about my Dharma and how can I live in peace and harmony with my own inner-self, with others and with nature. Geeta presents the picture of a deep psychological conflict between the conditioned ego-centric self and the Higher-Self which is ultimately resolved with an alignment with the source of life. It gives profound insight into the working of human psychology and makes it very clear that every person creates his own limitations, problems, whims and fantasies. Most of these whims are the dictates of his mind and ego. His bondage is the product of the functioning of ‘I’-ness. In general the interpretation of the whole situation is based on how he selects and processes his incoming thoughts. When he resorts to the Supremacy of the Higher-Self he goes beyond his limitations and comes to the realization that he is much more than his mind, body and ego.
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