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Break the Shackles Swami Sundara Chaitanyananda Just Be A tree regularly sprouts green and healthy shoots. Seasonally, it Is in full blossom and laden with juicy fruits. Sometimes, as in autumn, it even sheds off all its leaves and becomes bare like a log. Yet, the tree stands firmly rooted to the ground and hence can sprout and blossom again. It is only a matter of time. Human life also varies from joy to sorrow, victory to defeat and glory to dishonor. But while in trees the cycle is fixed and constant, the events in human life are shaky and unpredictable. Hence we are happy only sometimes but not always. Our being unhappy at times does not mean that we have lost the capacity for happiness; for does a tree that has shed its leaves denote that the tree is dead? If someone does not smile, it does not mean that joy is virtually extinct in him. It simply means that he is unable to smile due to a mental blockade that prevents him from smiling. And this blockade is nothing but his inner conflicts and reactions to situations and circumstances. In retrospect, we realize therefore, that all the troubles and trials that we faced in life were only due to our antipathy and reactions to situations. Our emotional response to situations is based on our way of thinking. And since suspension of thought is impossible, we have to try for culture of mind and improve our thought pattern. If we have to reach the top of a tree there is no other way but to climb it. If we have to attain peace the only way is to live in peace every moment. Peace springs from calm acceptance of unpleasant situations and not in an exception from suffering. We have to remain serene and tranquil like the deep blue sea amidst the ups and downs of life. Just as every wave that rises is bound to fall, so is every upheavel bound to subsite. So did it happen in the past, and so will it happen in the future. To speak, move and act in peace is true meditation. You cannot ‘do’ meditation. You can ‘be’ in meditation. Meditation is not a thing to be done. It is a state of blissful joy to be in.
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