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Death Why Death Why is there death? This is a question which every person whose consciousness is awakened a little has asked himself at least once in his life. There is in the depths of the being such a need to perpetuate, to prolong, to develop life, that the moment one has a first contact with death, which, although it may be quite an accidental contact, is yet inevitable, there is a sort of recoil in the being. In persons who are sensitive, it produces horror; in others, indignation. There is a tendency to ask oneself: ‘What is this monstrous farce in which one takes part without wanting to, without understanding it? Why are we born, if it is only to die? Why all this effort for development, progress, the flowering of the faculties, if it is to come to a diminution ending in decline and disintegration?...’ Some feel a revolt in them, others less strong feel despair and always this question arises: ‘If there is a conscious Will behind all that, this Will seems to be monstrous.’ But here Sri Aurobindo tells us that this was an indispensable means of awakening in the consciousness of matter the need for perfection, the necessity of progress, that without this catastrophe, all being would have been satisfied with the condition they were in—perhaps….This is not certain. But then, we have to take things as they are and tell ourselves that we must find the way out of it all.
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