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Exerpt from chapter 2

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life

The Opening

Yes, God exists! And if this sounds like some nonsense that intellectuals shun and fools (God bless them!) believe in I say: “Hold on!”

Don’t let intellectual arrogance destroy you being. Think carefully, for you are merely prefudiced. The believer in God is as prejudiced as the atheist for both affirm or deny without due enquiry. It would be better if you say: “Let me find out.” Isn’t that the correct attitude, the right approach?

Has this wonderful complex world come about by accident? Or, is there a Supreme Intelligence behind all these happenings, however difficult this may seem for our puny brains to discover its plans and motives?

On the other hand, do you think the world revealed to you through you sense organs is a real, solid, substantial one? Ask the physicist. He’ll tell you: “It’s all mere vibration; particles or charges in constant motion or just waves of different frequencies in a perpetual flux. Your three dimensional frequencies in a perpetual flux. Your three dimensional world is largely a concoction of your senses and mind.” And you?

You are the consciousness which is the witness of all the drama, watching in amusement as the ego plays its games, dons different masks at different times and ends up identifying itself with the roles it plays. The real you is that ever-blissful, unchanging, blessed consciousness.

Thefore, enter. Enter the door that opens onto the path that seekers have trodden for thousands of years.

Abandon not the infinite ocean of bliss and happiness that knows no end but is itself the end of the road. Some call it ‘God’, some ‘Truth’, and some ‘Nothingness’, for it can’t be described by words or gestures.

It is more precious than anything your mind can conceive of and O! how fortunate that this priceless pearl is not far away in some inaccessible part of the world or hidden in the dark bowels of the earth. It is nearer to you than your own jugular vein. It is Bliss Supreme which the sages of yore imbibed and which then made them dance in ecstasy. It is your very ‘Self’.

Will you, ignoring this great treasure, play with mere trinkets? It is for this blissful being who shines through every heart that man searches everywhere except within. Like the musk-deer that carries fragrant musk under its own tail and searches for the source of the fragrance all over the forest, under thorny shrubs and under dangerous snake holes, human beings likewise search endlessly for happiness mistaking pleasure – the short interval between sorrows for the real thing.

But the blissful surprise is right here – so simple and clear. No one need shave his head or wear special headgear or orchre robes or run away from all that one holds dear. No Sir! You may live in this world and do your duties, earn your livelihood, look after those that need your help, spread the fragrance of love and service, and yet remember to keep in touch with your true Self, the spark from the great fire, the drop from the great ocean, by meditating regularly, so that, in the spotless clear mirror of your heart, Divinity’s reflection glows. From your heart, then, will the serene rays of the spirit proceed and fill other hearts with bliss.

First, the Lord may give you what you want if you ask with all your heart, and then you will discover what you truly need and seek for it and He shall surely grant it. “Ask and it shall be given thee,” said a great Master, “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto thee.”

Of course, the master tests your patience. Therefore, knock persistently but wait patiently. Then will your heart he filled with supreme bliss and you will work for the good of mankind.

Sorrows and shortcomings, the cares of this world, are there certainly, but who doesn’t have them? Now you, the traveler on the path should know that they are lessons for you, and that after each obstacle is overcome, the road becomes smoother and easier. And overcome you will. There is no doubt.

So let nothing stand between you and the overflowing cup of wine that lies so near and yet so far. Drain the cup and declare: “There is but One, the blissful Truth. Nothing else exists.”

Step firmly upon the path. Have no fear. Fearlessness is close to ‘Truth’.

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