Delhi Agra and Jaipur - Lustre

Delhi Agra and Jaipur - Lustre
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DELHI AGRA and JAIPUR BIRAJ BOSE Delhi, Agra and Jaipur-they represent and unravel the mystique that is India. New Delhi, the elegant capital with its wide roads, sprawling gardens and stately building, stands on the site of seven historical cities built by the visionary rulers through the centuries. Agra, the capital of the glorious Mughal emperors, harbours the incomparable Taj Mahal, the exquisite marble monument that attracts millions of visitors every year. Jaipur is the enigmatic pink city of the Maharaja, the city of pomp and splendor, of colour and festivity, of a rich and regal past that continues into the present. This is the golden triangle-a visit to which is essential to get a glimpse of India’s rich past. Though the cities are very different in character from each other, their histories have been interconnected, bringing about a similarity in culture, tradition and lifestyle. Under the grand Mughals, the three cities were linked through political alliances and cultural interchange. Architecture, arts and crafts were influenced by Hinds and Muslim traditions, and the result was a unique synthesis which was reflected in the literary life and performing arts of the cities.
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