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The human body has 7 major “chakras” or energy centers. Sometimes our chakras can get blocked, causing us to feel tired, sick, and even depressed. Chakra Energizing Sessions can help restore balance to the chakras, allowing one to feel happier, healthier and more whole Join Dr. Savitri Rambhatla for a 2 part series of Chakra Energizing. It is strongly recommend that both parts are attended in order to receive the full benefits of the Energizing. Part 1: Saturday $58.00 We will be focusing on 4 chakras namely, Anahata Chakra (Heart Center), Manipuraka Chakra (Worry Center), Swadhisthana Chakra (Fear/Death Center), and Mooladhara Chakra (Root center) Part 2: Saturday June 21st 2 PM to 4.00 PM - $58.00 The focus of this session will be on the final 3 chakras namely, Visshuddhi Chakra (Throat Center), Ajna Chakra (Brow Center), and the Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Center) Buy both sessions together for only $97.00 Discount available for our Annual Yoga and Library subscribers Partial Scholarships available upon request Following are the Revelations Yoga Chakra Energizing Program guidelines: Attendees for the Revelations Yoga Chakra Energizing Program should arrive at the venue promptly. Please be punctual! Doors close once the program begins! Attendees should register promptly at the registration desk. There will be breaks during the program. In order to gain the most benefit, leave the room only during breaks. Please be silent to maintain the serenity. Attendees are urged to refrain from use of cell phones. Revelations Yoga Chakra Energizing Program is your chance to start your spiritual journey. Participants are urged to put in 100% effort during all the meditations to reap maximum benefit No food or drink, except water, is permitted in the Meditation Hall. Please bring a yoga chair or pillow for your comfort. For attendees who are unable to sit on the floor, chairs are available. Attendees are urged to wear loose fitting light colored clothes; preferably white clothes. No shorts, no skirts please Wear minimal jewelry, if any. No food intake after 1 PM; water intake is fine, and Lunch before 1 PM needs to be light; preferably vegetarian food both the days. Enjoy the program! Sincerely, Dr Savitri Rambhatla
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Price $58.00