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 Perhaps no other science is more misunderstood than the simple spiritual science of Yoga. In India, Yoga is understood to be something that is out of the way. A Yogi is thought to be a queer being, living on herbs and fruits in some remote forest or in a dark cave in some distant mountain range.

 In the West, Yoga is quite often associated with some magical performances such as a rope-trick, or some physical acrobatics, standing on the head, for example, or some feats of endurance like prolonged retention of breath, doing the so-called Jiva Samadhi or remaining buried underground for several days, which is done by proficiency in Kevala Kumbhaka. It is also supposed that by doing some particular Yoga practices one could fly in the air without wings, or do anything that is odd.

 ‘Every Man’s Yoga’ is ideally suited for the general class of readers who are interested in spiritual topics. It is not a textbook for the advanced students of Yoga.

 The is an ideal work in the sense that it answers to all types of temperaments that are inclined to the spiritual path. It seeks to dispel the pet notions which glamour Yoga as something queer and sensational. It presents a great science in a very simple, lucid manner, while expertly analyzing the different aspects through a comprehensive outlook.

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