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Every Man A King Orison Swett Marden Everyone desires to reach the top in life, but few survive the challenges en-route. Why? Is there an unfailing mantra which ensures success? If there is, where is it? Dr. O.S. Marden, the Guru of Self-Help, reveals in this book the ‘Mantra’, the magic formula, which can life up the sagging psyche from the dark abyss of despair to Himalayan heights of achievement and glory! Those who wish to shake off sloth and slumber and flex their muscles on their way to victory will find in this little book the elixir that stimulates and exhilarates. Dr. Marden does not wave a magic wand and pronounce ABRACADABRA; he shows the reader that there is in everyone of us a spring which can spew forth limitless power and vitality. The decision to find or ignore the spring is left to the individual.
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