Fragrant Petals - A Representative Anthology on Sri Bhagavan

Fragrant Petals - A Representative Anthology on Sri Bhagavan
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FRAGRANT PETALS – A REPRESENTATIVE ANTHOLOGY ON SRI BHAGAVAN It is said that the Supreme Being is beyond thought and speech. It is our good fortune that the Supreme Being assumed a human form and come down as Bhagavan Sir Ramana and allowed us to love him and praise him. He opened the floodgates of Grace to anyone who come to him and he is still there “waiting for us patiently and it is we who make him wait.” The sorrows of the distressed who gave themselves unto him, the doubts of earnest seekers, the disbelief of the skeptics who came to test him, vanished in the mere presence of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. His scared abode conferred peace and showed man the true path. It does so still. This anthology is small collected of articles written by those who basked in the sunshine of his boundless grace. In this collection we find one devotee saying that, “No school of philosophy, cult, creed, yoga and the like could claim Ramana as he did not fit easily into any readymade classification.” Yet another writer claims, “Nothing exists without Ramana. Nothing existed without Ramana. Nothing will ever exist without Ramana’s presence.” “A marvel and a wonder,” exults another. Thus page after page we find that Ramana’s devotees, record with deep emotion and profound gratitude, the experiences which they had in his presence.
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