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Guide To Elephanta Vedantic Philosophy on Par with Scientific Principles The mission of this book is to bridge the widening gap between spirituality and science. Take Patanjali, for instance. His yoga sutras have not only provided means for demonstrating health promoting physical and intellectual exercises but also have pronounced spiritual extensions, all based on perfect scientific priciples, soviet scientists also have praised the idea that science and yoga go together (Soviet space research programme). Historically viewed, we find that in that early Indian as well as Greek philosophy material knowledge and spirituality went hand – in – hand. That is how the concept of ‘Eternal Logos’ emerged as the unity of the opposites manifesting itself at all planes from the physical up through the animal, the mental to the ultimate spiritual. And now, during the last few decades, we find revolution in science shaking the very stone of this materialistic view by the discovery that matter, in true sense, is only an energy. Could this be the golden dawn being ushered in by the so far downward mechanistic philosophy of life now taking an upward turn as in a circle, only to bring mankind to its original point of the ancient wisdom and to give man the real world view, through the third eye of Shiva – the embodiment of Satyam – Shivam – Sundaram, Truth – Purity – Beauty, the trio in creation? The psychologist Dr. Samuel Sandweiss tells us that the world to-day seems to be in the grip of a supreme moral and spiritual crisis. People every where are feeling frustrated and helpless and are anxiously wondering as to what is in store for humanity in future. Never has there been so much distrust, hatred and violence as in witnessed to-day in human life of almost every country.
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