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GURU RAMANA SULAIMAN SAMUEL COHEN was Jewish by race and Iraqi by origin. An accountant by profession, Cohen came to India in his early youth and settled down here for life. He worked in Bombay for a few years, then joined the Theosophical Society and lived at its headquarters in Adyar, Madras for the five years. During this time Cohen heard of Sri Ramana Maharshi, came to Sri Ramanasramam with the intension of staying fourteen days and stayed fourteen years, from 1936 until the Maharshi shed the body in 1950. He was one of the many staunch devotees who lived at Palakothu, a sadhu’s colony near the ashram. Cohen was blessed to get an assurance from Bhagavan. After the house warming ceremony that he performed for the cottage he built at Palakothu, Cohen asked the Maharshi, “Bhagavan, you have given a home for my soul, for which I broke all my human ties and came.” Bhagavan stopped under the shade of a tree, gazed silently on the calm waters of the tank for a few seconds and replied, “Your firm conviction brought you here; where is the room for doubt?” Cohen remained at Tiruvannamalai for some years after the Mahanirvana of the Maharshi. After a few years he retired to a quiet life in Vellore. He died in May 1980 and his ‘samadhi’ is within the Ashram premises. Cohen’s wide knowledge of Bhagavan’s teachings and steadfast devotion inspired him to write on his Master. His reminiscences are sublime and his elucidation of Bhagavan’s teachings is illumintating. His writings have inspired generations of devotees in their quest.
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