hints on practical vedanta
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Hints on practical Vedanta Swami Sundara Chaitanyananda 1 A tree heavenly landen with fruits bends down with the noble wish that we may pluck and eat the fruits. A saint condescends to impart knowledge to all the ignorant people around him, so that they may realise themselves. 2 The clouds are so light that they are blown off by wind. But when they begin to shower they pour down heavy rain. Mahatmas are simple in their speech and behavior. But when they begin to preach they pour down torrents of spiritual knowledge. 3 Wood that is put in fire burns slowly, loses its form and finally turns into ashes. Similarly, a person who comes in contact with the fire of Satsang kindled by a mahatma loses his hardness and becomes spiritually transformed and evolves into a higher being. 4 However high a bird may soar, when its wings begin to ache, it has to fly down from the sky and settle on a tree. You may believe worldly pleasures to be everlasting but one day when you realize their futility and seek true happiness you have no other way but to seek refuge at the lotus feet of the Lord. 5 The mind is constantly in motion like the wind. As the wind brings us good and foul smells so does the mind bring us wordly thoughts. We have to tackle the mind very carefully. We have to instruct and train it in such a way that it brings us only good thoughts and rejects the bad ones. 6 A red-hot iron rod when touched, burns deeper than the flame itself. Similarly, worse than the sin is the company of the sinner who has his whole being defiled with repeated sins. Keep away from bad company. 7 A good man always does good. He sees good, hears good, speaks good and thinks good. Do good if you can remain as a good man without doing anything. But never do bad. 8 Space is void, It has nothing in it. It is for this reason that it accommodates the whole universe in it. If you can renounce your ego and attachment and become empty you too can accommodate the whole universe in yourself. Your love will then be universal love and yourself, the Universal Self. 9 If you simply talk, and discuss Vedanta you will not gain anything out of it. Only when you practice Vedanta can you fully understand it and become wise. You gain ‘Atmananda’ only through ‘anushthana Vedanta’ or practical Vedanta. 10 Action determines the reaction and sound determines the resound. If you do good you will reap good and if you do bad you will face bad consequences. What you wish to have in life, first try to bring it into other people’s lives.
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