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HYMNS UNTO HIM God – Love Page 15 Mysticism is the connecting link between God and man and it is the privilege of mystics all the world over to treat God as their own; that means, as being intimately connected to them as father, mother child, husband etc. This attitude gives them an opportunity to pour their hearts, in God-Love, unreservedly. Perhaps the most successful form of God – love in which anybody can lose himself completely is that of God as a child. Here is a typical example. Mount Kailas, the abode of Lord Siva, was the Venue of the following incident. Ganesh: Father (wiping his eyes) Lord Siva: Darling, why do you cry? Ganesh: Brother Shanmukha pinched my ear! Siva: Shanmukha! Why did you pinch your brother ear ! Shanmukha: Look father! I was sitting on my peacock mount with my six faces. At that time brother Ganesh counted my twelve eyes and made fun of them first. In return I pinched his ear. Siva: Ganesh! Why did you count your brother’s eyes and make fun of them? Ganesh: That is not true, father; shanmukha first measured my trunk with a tape and made fun of it. I retaliated by counting his eyes (and laughed mischievously). Lord Siva burst out laughing too. May this form of heart pourings continue to break our resistence to God – Love.
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