Hampi - A tourist's Guide

Hampi - A tourist's Guide
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Hampi: A Tourist’s Guide (Vijaya Nagar Ruins) History Sthala Purana with Hampi colour map and photos By Belur Krishna Murthy Belur Publisher: R. Vengatramani Dass The History of Vijayanagara Kingdom After the advent of Ala-udin-Khilji into the kingdom of Yadavagiri in the year 1296, only within a few years, the whole territory of Deccan was filled with reckless invasions and was but to trambting on account misdeeds and misconduct of the invaders. Indian religion and our ancient culture were at a state, because a larger part of Deccan and come under Mohammedan. Under such circumstance all Kannadiga became united with a view to set back the invasion of the outsiders with the help of a well-organized army and girded up their loins to set the country free from outside invasions and to protest their religion. Thus the gallant sons of this land did a great work which could not be accomplished by people of any other part of India. Thus the gallant sons of Karnataka built up a great kingdom and ruled it gloriously for more than two hundred years. This great kingdom itself is called kingdom of Vijanagara. The Kingdom of Vijayanagara was ruledover by 4 dynasties. The first one was Sangama Dynasty which was founded by Harihara the first. It is said that Sangama came from Warangal in Andrapradesh and he was not a Kannadiga.
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