Hymns to the Goddess and Hymn to Kali

Hymns to the Goddess and Hymn to Kali
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Sakti is both maya and malaprakrti, whose substance is the three gunas, representing nature as the revelation of spirit (sattva); nature as the passage of descent from spirit to matter, or of ascent from matter to spirit (rajas), and nature as the dense veil of spirit (tamas). The Devi is thus the treasure-house of gunas (gunanidhih).  Mulaprakrti is the Womb into which the Brahman casts the seed from which all things are born. The womb thrills to the movement of the essentially active rajaguna, and the now unstable gunas in varied combinations under the illumination Siva (cit) evolve the universe which is ruled by Mahasvara and Mahesvari. The dual principles of Siva-Sakti, which are the product of the polarity manifested in Parasaktimaya, pervaded the whole universe, and are present in man in the svayambhulinga of the muladhara and theDevi Kundalini, who is serpent form encircles it. The Sabdabrahman assumes the form of the Devi Kundalini, and as such is in the form of all breathing creatures (prani), and in the form of letters appears in prose and verse. She is the luminous vital energy (jivasakti), which manifests as prana.

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