In Woods of God - Realization Vol.1

In Woods of God - Realization Vol.1
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In Woods of God – Realization Volume 1 Swami Rama Tirtha Pratishthan Preface to the first edition - Sardar Puran Singh These volumes are presented to the public in the name and memory of Swami Rama. In these volumes it is proposed to bring together all his writings and speeches. A short collection of his articles and essays published in his lifetime has already been reprinted and put before the public in nice form by Messrs. Ganesh and Co., Publishers, Madras. Besides these his other manuscripts, most the lecture-notes of his American speeches, taken down by some American friends, were found in his box when he left us forever. Excepting the articles referred to above, that were published in his life-time and which also have been included in the present collection, all other lectures have not had the advantage of his revision. So much that he might have eliminated is still there and so much more that he might have added is absent. He had intended to thoroughly recast, in fact to write anew all the valuable portions of the subject-matter of these manuscripts, with much more that was in his mind, into a systematic exposition of his teachings, a work that must have been a fresh and novel contribution on the philosophy of Vedanta advancing the latter systematically as the individual and social religion of the coming generations. But his work remained unfulfilled mainly for two reasons, first because about two years before his Samadhi, he seriously and earnestly undertook a thorough and complete study of the vedas in original as preparation for his proposed work, and thus, I think the time which he could have perhaps more profitably devoted to the systematization of his own writings was spent in the efforts of making his final work grand and monumental in every way; secondly, living in his beloved solitude of the Himalayas, out of touch with people whose hopes and aspirations might have stimulated his intellect to work for their fulfilment, his daily increasing absorption in the Infinite. When the writer was for the last time with him, he kept silent for most of the time. When questioned, he would expound to us the secrets of his state of consciousness, this supreme silence he called then by the name of Death-in-Life. He would tell us, the more one dies in Life, the greater is the good that naturally and spontaneously comes out of such a man for the benefit of others. “Rama may not seem to finish the task at hand, but Rama knows it will sometime be done all the better when he is gone. The ideas that saturate Rama’s mind and have guided Rama’s life, will gradually in the fullness of time filter down society and can work their destiny properly when Rama loses himself now in the Divine, forgoing all plans, wishes and aims.” He had taken to this idea so ardently that no entreaties could prevail upon him to commence writing his work. Thus, though deprived of the systematic exposition of his teachings by himself, it is a matter of consolation that we still have with us some of the subject-matter of his thoughts, however scattered and fragmentary it may be. It has, therefore, been decided, not without some hesitation, that this subject-matter of his thought and the reflection of his consciousness in his extempore speeches, with his essays and note-books, should be put before the public in a printed form, almost in the same form as he left them. Those that have met Rama personally will recognize him in many and perhaps all of the speeches and will feel as if they were still listening to his wonderfully eloquent character. They will feel enchanted once again by the spell of his personality supplementing as they would all that may be lacking in the printed form by the affectionate and revert associations of him in their minds. Those that have had no occasion to see him will be able to realize that of these utterances and gives them their charm and meaning, providing they may have the patience to read them through. They may not be able to follow him in some of his ideas at one place but at another place they will find those ideas expressed much more clearly and with greater force. Men of different shades of opinion and thought, on reading through these pages, will find ample food for their thought and spirit, and much that they will surely recognize to be their own.
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