In Woods of God - Realization Vol.2

In Woods of God - Realization Vol.2
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In Woods of God – Realization Volume 2 Swami Rama Tirtha Pratishthan The Path to Truth Lecture delivered by Swami Rama on March 1, 1903, in U.S.A. My own Self in the of ladies and gentleman, The subject of tonight’s discourse, as announced in the papers, is “The Path of Truth.” This is a heading which might have some meaning to the Western ears; but from the standpoint of Vedanta, this is an erroneous title. The Path to Truth of The Path of Truth is a contradiction in terms. Truth is not distant. How can there be a path to it then? Truth is with you already, it is your Self already. You are in it already, nay, you are Truth. Your realization of God-consciousness, realization of Divinity is not a thing to be accomplished, it is not a thing to be achieved, it is not a thing to be done, it is done already. You are that already. You have simply to break through the cocoons of desires which imprison you, you have simply to undo what you have done. You have nothing to do in the positive sense of the word, in order to realize God. Simply undo what you have done in the way of making your prison house, and there you are God already, Truth personified already. But this undoing of what has been done is to some a very hard task, and thus with reference to the Path to Truth we shall discuss the process of undoing. There is some effort to be made in undoing your snares. What are these snares, theses chains and shackles which bind you? Your ears may today appreciate it or not, the Americans and Europeans may to-day mark the beauty of this statement or not, the Truth remains there all the same. The Truth is that all your attachments, all your loves and hatreds, all your desires are shackles and chains. These bind you. Theses do not allow you to see God. These are your prison-house. Your desires bind you. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve Mammon and God at the same time. You cannot be a slave of the flesh and at the same time the master of the Universe. To realize Truth is to become the master of the universe, and to entertain desires is to acknowledge bondage, thralldom, and slavery of the things of this world, flesh objects. Everybody desires to become a Prophet, But very few, if any, are ready to pay the price. There was in Bharat a great wrestler and athlete. He wanted a barber to tattoo him, to engrave on his arm a picture of a lion. He told the barber to paint a great magnificent lion on both arms. He said he was born when the sign of the Zodiac, the Lion or Leo, was in Simha Rashi, he was born under the right influence of the sign of the Zodiac-Lion, Leo. And he was supposed to be a very brave man. The barber took up the needle to paint him, and just when he was pricking a little, the athlete could not bear it. He began to pant for breath and addressed the barber, “Wait, wait, what are you going to do?” The barber said that he was going to draw the tale of the lion. This fellow, in reality, could not stand the pricking sensation, but made a very queer pretense, and said,, “You don’t know that fashionable people cut off the tails of their dogs and horses, and so the lion which has no tail is considered a very strong lion. Why are you drawing the tail of the lion? The tail is not needed.” “All right,” said the barber, “I won’t draw the tail. I will draw the other parts of the lion.” The barber took up the needle again, and just pricked through his skin. This too, the fellow could not bear. He remonstrated and said, “What are you going to do next?” The barber said, “I am going to draw the ears of the lion.” The man said again, “O barber, you are very foolish. Don’t you know the people cut off the ears of their dogs? They don’t need dogs with long ears. Don’t you know that the lion without ears is best?” The barber desisted. After a while the barber took up his needle and was again pricking him. The man could not bear it and remonstrated saying, “What are you going to do now, o barber?” The barber said, “I am going to paint now the waist of the lion.” There the man said, “Haven’t you read our poetry, haven’t you read the descriptions given by Indian poets? Lions are always painted as having a very small, thin, nominal waist? You need not draw the waist of the lion.” The barber now threw aside his colours and his painting needle and asked the fellow to go away from his presence. Here is a man who asserts that he is born under the influence of the Zodiac, called Simha Rashi or Leo. Here is a man who pretends to be a great wrestler, a great athlete; here is a man who calls himself a lion. He wants to have lion tattooed all over his body, but he cannot bear the sting of a needle. Such are the majority of people who want to see God, who want to realize Vedanta, who want to accomplish everything, to become Christ in half a minute. But when the time comes to get the lion-Truth- painted in their souls, to get that lion of Righteousness printed or tattooed in their being, they cannot bear the sting, the stinging sensation, there they hesitate. ‘The price I will not pay, but the thing I want.”
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