In Woods of God - Realization Vol.4

In Woods of God - Realization Vol.4
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In Woods of God – Realization Volume 4 Swami Rama Tirtha Pratishthan Cash Religion [Summary of the lecture by Rama at Ghazipur, U.P. (India) in 1905 on the basis of notes of R.S. Narayan Swami.] It has been mentioned in the Vedas that “It is Truth alone that triumphs, and not untruth.” Truth cannot be crushed, and untruth cannot proper. Wherever there is wealth and prosperity in this world, Religion is its real cause. Hindus say that Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of prosperity) is the consort of Lord Vishnu (God). It means prosperity and righteousness go together. Prosperity is not limited to any geographical region. Those, who attribute prosperity and progress of Europe and America to their cold climate, or those, who relate the backwardness of other countries as being due to their particular global situations, are mistaken. About 2,00 years ago, Englishmen were being sold as slaves in Rome and other big cities of Europe. Today, England is reining over a number of big countries. Has England now expanded or changed its old frontiers? No. only five hundred years ago, America was situated where it is today. But you can yourself estimate to what extent America had advanced during this period. On the other hand, Rome, Greece, Egypt and India are still where they were geographically. These countries were once famous for their all-round superior knowledge and high civilization. Prosperity and progress have no respect for any particular nation or country. Only those who follow the path of righteousness are victorious. So long as they follow truthfulness and religious spirit, they are thriving and triumphant. Dear friends! You will excuse RAMA, because Rama is yours and you are Rama’s. You are nothing different from him. Whatever Rama has to say, he will say it with love and affection, but will not flatter you. Love does not require flattery. Rama lived both in Japan and America. He also visited many countries in Europe. But wherever he noticed progress and prosperity, he found that it was only due to truthfulness and righteousness. America is progressing so rapidly, because of its righteous and religious living consciously or unconsciously. AccReligion is not the monopoly of any one or any where. There are two kinds of religion. One may be called the cash religion, and the other credit religion. Rama will try to make it clear from an example. A man had buried some coins. His sons came to know about it, dug them out and spent them away. But in place of those coins, they buried an equal weight of stones. When the father dug the ground, he found that there was no money. He was so much shocked at the loss of his money that he started weeping. The sons said, “My dear father, why do weep? You were not utilizing that money. As for keeping it buried, you can see that an equal weight of stones is already there. According to a Persian poet, “For burying, it does not matter, whether it is stone or gold.” Religious wars and disturbances are not for Cash religion. They were for credit religion. Cash religion is one which has its sole concern with the present life, here and now, and not with the ‘life after death’. Credit religion is a ‘belief’, whereas Cash religion is a ‘certainty’. Credit religion is only to say and to discuss, while cash religion is to practice and act. All the sects and communities agree on the cash aspect of religion, as for example, to speak the truth, to acquire the knowledge and to act upto it, to be free of selfishness, not to have evil intentions, not to forget reality, to be strong minded, to practice patience and perseverance and the like. There can be no two opinions on this Cash religion. Only those, who do not surrender themselves to the promises and claims of credit religion about the life to come, but instead act on the particular or Cash religion and faithfully discharge their duty in hand, make progress and achieve prosperity. Rama was particularly convinced of it, when he visited the foreign countries.
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