In Woods of God - Realization Vol.7

In Woods of God - Realization Vol.7
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In Woods of God – Realization Volume 7 Swami Rama Tirtha Pratishthan Plu # 0293 $10 Preface The perennial query before the mankind has been to know the identity of the individual and the basis of existence. The knowledge of “Who I am” has been the search of the intelligence of man. “Why, when, where, which, how and other questions creep up later on. Our prophets, sages, seers had been meditating and concentrating on knowing Truth; the philosophers, thinkers, scientist and others have been probing it in their own way, logically and scientifically as is claimed; but the solution to the riddle has not been reached at to the satisfaction of one and all. The prophets exclaimed Truth as was revealed to them; as they realized it. Their perception of Truth throws much light on the way to know Reality. For Christ, ‘Father and I are One’, to Mohammad, ‘There is only but God’, In Vedas is explained ‘I am God’. Practically all the seers, philosophers, thinkers agree on the existence of the substratum which sustains, subsists and remains, as it is, always-yesterday, today, tomorrow. It is whole, anything added, subtracted, multiplied or divided has no impact, Whole remains ‘Whole’, whose unifying unity is discernible in all-round diversities, in multitudes of Duality on this phenomenal plane, in this material world. Yet all that we know, we understand, has not satisfied us, it is a fraction, a minute one, in the vast ocean of knowledge. But it guides us to further the search and delve deep in the ocean to unfold the unknown. The aim is to come face to face with Reality. In realizing Reality, the stray thoughts of Rama contained in the present VII volume of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’, published in its new second edition by your own Pratisthan, can be of much help to the intelligence of the seekers of Truth. They are advised by Rama himself to ponder over, verify, experiment on what he says and if found true to their test, they ought to accept, otherwise not. These Rama’s thoughts and collections flashed in his thinking are virtually in the form of aphorisms, containing pieces of wisdom and knowledge based on Rama’s experiences, observations and study. These pebbles, searched and found by Rama himself in Rama-hood, indicate the path of ‘Vedanta-in-action’, and when this path be cemented and smoothened, the travelers will, naturally, enjoy their journey to the full. Let us, then, toil with all mite and sweat and engross ourselves in work, leaving no trace of ‘little ego’, then we will roam fearlessly and freely in the woods with God-himself ‘That Thou Art’-the eternal Truth. In all, thirteen note-books could Christianity versus Churchanity, both said to be critical of then British administration. All these note-books were with Amir Chanda with whom R.S. Narayan Swami, Chief disciple of Rama was staying then when all of sudden in the dead of night there was raid by the police. Both of them slipped. Anyhow eleven note-books could be taken care of, but remaining two could never see the light of day. There were some other note-books, which the possessor refused to hand over because of the fear of the then British administration. Now no trace of them. Whatever is in hand is a matchless treasure which emanates the rays of Truth. We are to imbibe, live, realize. It is to be One with Truth. No duality, all Oneness. One word about this Pratisthan of yours, over eight decades old. Not much to its credit, except that it, somehow, managed to preserve and publish Rama’s words which were scattered hither and thither. This could be made feasible because of untiring efforts of R.S. Narayan Swami. Still the Pratisthan is not out of woods, yet it puts stay boldly.
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