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KISHKINDHA KANDA Sundara Chaitanya ‘I join my hands in salutation to Anjaneya who crossed the ocean with ease and burnt Lanka with the fire of Janaki’s grief’. Rama and Lakshmana crossed the river Pampa and reached the mountain of ‘Rishyamooka’. Sugreeva who was a dharmatma, living on the mountain, caught sight of Rama and Lakshmana draped in bark garbs and wearing bows and arrows. He was filled with panic. He took them for Vali’s men sent to attack and slay him. He expressed his fears to all the vanaras living on the mountain. They too were afraid to look at the royal figures approaching the mountain like heroes. There was an outbreak of frenzy. Some Vanaras ran into the forest for life. Some climbed trees, some broke the branches and others jumped from the mountain peaks. Fear spread among other groups of animals living in the forest and caves of the Rishyamooka.
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