Krishna Yajur Veda V.2 - Taittiriya- Samhita

Krishna Yajur Veda V.2 - Taittiriya- Samhita
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1 TAITTIRIYA SAMHITA: OVERVIEW TS is made up of seven books or Kandas, each Kanda having five to eight Prapathakas, each Prapathaka having nine to forty six anvakas, a typical number being eleven to fourteen. The total number of Prapathakas is 44. Each anuvaka is either a collection of mantra or a brahmana passage. By mantra, we mean either a rk mantra following a specific metre or a yajus mantra being a short rhythmic phrase. Mantra rises from the innermost depths of the rshis and is revealed to them in their superconscient state. Hence the mantra embodies a deep chunk of knowledge or wisdom. It is futile to argue as the ancient mimamsakas do that a mantra has no meaning. A brahmana passage is a lengthy prose passage of 50 to 100 lines without any punctuation. It gives ritualistic explanation or anecdotes. For the semantic connection between mantra and brahmana, see Sri Aurobindo's essay in the next section 2. Note that Ashwalayana Grhya Sutra, an authority for the upholders of the rites, states in (3.3) that, "the seers of the mantras are rshis, but the seers of the Brahmana are only acharyas i.e., persons who composed the Brahmanas are not rshis. so the brahmana-passages have much less authority than the mantras. Some anubakas are completely brahmana passages. There are some anuvakas in which one part is brahmana and another having mantras. One can easily make out whether a passage is brahmana or mantra.
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