Krishna Yajur Veda V.3 - Taittiriya-Samhita

Krishna Yajur Veda V.3 - Taittiriya-Samhita
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1 KANDA 6 OVERVIEW Kanda 6 has six Prapathakas, each Prapathaka has eleven anuvakas; thus Kanda 6 has in all sixty six anuvakas. The special feature of Kanda 6 is that it is entirely made up of brahmana (expository prose) passages without even a single (original) mantra. Recall that mantra is a metrical verse endowed with insight and wisdom which is revealed to rishi who has done extensive askesis [tapas] and this he is ready to receive the revelation. Literally he/she hears the revelation; hence the mantras are called as shruti. By definition, mantra is not a creation of the human mind. The brahmana passages, on the other hand, are authored by human beings who are knowledgeable about the performance of rites. Each Kanda is associated with one person who is called as Kandarshi. Note these persons are not rishis since no mantra from the high planes of consciousness were revealed to them. Brahmana literally means an explanatory or expository passage. Note that text of an entire anuvaka is one long sentence without any punctuation. Hence the meaning of the anuvaka is not easy to grasp even though it has no profundities. The mantras on the other hand are brief and their contents are luminous. The contents of this Kanda may appear dry and otise. However even a casual reading of this Kanda will bestow two benefits to the reader.
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