Living with the Master - Reminiscences by Kunjuswami

Living with the Master - Reminiscences by Kunjuswami
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LIVING WITH THE MASTER – REMINISCENCES BY KKUNJUSWAMI Kunjuswami was shining personality whose life from its youth revolved around the Sun of Jnana, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. He came to Sri Bhagavan in 1920, while in his teen, and served Him till His nirvana in 1950. Kunjuswami’s Reminiscences provided a rare, first hand account of the early days of Sri Rananasramam and life at Skandasramam. The author imbibed the teachings of his Master, took them to heart and dedicated his life to their fulfillment. His own personal experience and life with the Master has generated much interest among devotees. Those who listened to him were transported to a different world altogether. Kunjuswami lived a simple and austere life at Sri Ramanasramam, rendering invaluable service by sharing his experiences with the seekers until the ripe age of 95 when he was absorbed in His Master’s Feet.
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