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MY HOLY MAN IS AVATAR BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA GENESIS Everyone in his or her life needs a holyman, mine happens to be an Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The very idea of writing a book about Bhagavan seemed superfluous and overwhelming then I first considered this concept. Superfluous, because there are already so many excellent and exceptional books written about Him, and overwhelming because of the sheer enormity of the subject. Then, I slowly realized that the encounters and experiences that I have had with Bhagavan have been unique and exceptional in every aspect. This realization provided me with the impetus to embark on this enormous project. It also became evident that there were no preset formats or formulas to be followed when writing about God. I could accomplish the task by simply putting my thoughts on paper. The motivation to author this project was based on my sincere and persistent urge to propagate profound and fascinating revelations about my Bhagavan. Bhagavan has endowed us all with special skills, some apparent and others dormant. In addition. He has a master plan for each of us to utilize our unique skills. All my life I have realized that my brains are more in my hands than in my head. Although surgery has been my foremost professional interest, photography has always fascinated me. I believe photographs have their own way of immortalizing more than just the contents in the viewfinder. Bhagavan, with His unique Divine features, always intrigued my photographic instincts. I am sure He has aroused similar feelings in millions of others. I have frequently prayed to Bhagavan to grant me with the opportunity to photographs Him on His seventieth birthday. Having been exposed to the strict rules and regulations of Prashanthi Nilayam. Bhagavan’s Abode of Eternal Peace. I should have reailized the difficulty in accomplishing this task. To a casual observer, these rules and regulations may seem like severe inconceniences. On close scrutiny, however, it is obvious that they are the backbone for the prompt , punctual and orderly junctures in my life, Bhagavan came to my rescue. When I asked for His permission to photograph the event, with a lovely smile He replied. “Manchidi Bangaru” (“It is okay, my precious one”). When I finally got all the pictures developed, I put together a special album. During my next visit I felt very happy an elated when Bhagavan slowly and approvingly looked through the entire album.
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