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HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN MASTERY SHARIF GRAHAM In order to become what you are, it is helpful to see yourself in another yourself who is better able to manifest potentialities dormant within yourself than you have managed so far. We are used to thinking of meditation as an exercise conducted in seclusion. But is there such a thing as meditation in action? In most spiritually oriented people one may uncover both the ascetic and the knight. If life in the world is to be renounced, what was the purpose the creation? In Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings to his pupils on this subject, part of which is herewith released to the public, the master shows how stimulating it would be to introduce the kind of mastery mustered by the recluse into the hustle-bustle of active life. The result: crystal-clear insight, better programming and motivation, and ultimately freedom.
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