Management by Consciousness

Management by Consciousness
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Management By Consciousness A Spirituo-technical Approach Edited by Dr. G.P.Gupta Preface Management, as it obtains today, is a discipline borrowed from the West, especially the USA. This has reduced ‘man’ to a mere worker engaged always in the stream of economic order- he is a cog in the huge machinery of production and distribution. Consequently, the material progress has been the index of growth, development and prosperity. Management has thus remained to be a lever of materialism keeping apart the consciousness aspect of men and materials. Whereas the man has received all material considerations, his integrality of character and personality has been set apart from his work and his working conditions. Rather, the person, as labourer, has become an objectified and standardised component of the production process. This view of ‘labourer’ has tended to divorce man as a social and spiritual being from his ‘productive’ role at work. This has reaffirmed the lingering lesson of the centuries that one’s spiritual and social life should reside outside the work-place. The hard fact is that a man is a bundle of so many ingredients- physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual and he responds quickly and readily if these components are touched upon and developed. Chapter 1: Management with a Difference Charity begins at home. Likewise, management begins from Man. On being asked as to what he actually produced, built or manufactured, the President of a giant multinational corporation replies quietly: ‘I do not manufacture automobiles nor do I prepare shoe-strings; I build only men because my men build these things.” This frank admission by the corporation President speaks volumes on the role and significance of MAN in a scheme of management programme. In any work-system, may be home, hotel, hospital, business, industry or State, management enters into through its various ramifications: management of time and jobs, means and methods, money and material, men and machinery, plans and priorities, policies and practice.
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