Mind and Vision

Mind and Vision
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Mind and Vision A handbook for the cure of imperfect eyesight without glasses Dr R.S. Agarwal Introduction Preservation of good eyesight is almost impossible without proper eye education and mental relaxation. The quieter the mind, better is the eyesight preserved. It is a fact that glasses help many to relieve their discomforts of their head and eyes and enable people to see well at a distance or near, and their use in many cases is imperative. But this is also true that glasses goes on increasing. Often glasses become an added torture to increase the pain and suffering and loss of eyesight. The fast deterioration in eyesight and the development of some serious complications are not prevented by the use of glasses, injections and pills. Therefore, the number of blind people amongst the educated class is fast increasing in spite of all possible medical aid. The orthodox belief is that for cases of defective eyesight as myopia and hypermetropia and astigmatism, there is not only no cure, but practically no preventive also. Any rational mind will think such a claim as dogmatic, an imperfection in the ophthalmic science. When the sight begins to deteriorate, there must be some cause for it, and the cause is always an effort to see or strain. The eye being a sense organs makes no effort to see in its normal course. The normal eye when it makes an effort to see at a distance, its distant vision becomes defective and myopia is produced. When the normal eye makes an effort to see at a near point, its near vision becomes defective and hypermetropia is produced. Glasses neutralize the effect of such conditions but do not relieve the cause of the trouble. So, in many cases, the cause continues increasing by the use of glasses and the sight goes on deteriorating.
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