Mysteries of Death, Fate, Karma, and Rebirth

Mysteries of Death, Fate, Karma, and Rebirth
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The fear of death and the ways of conquering it The Consciousness of most men is always afflicted with many types of fears; and amongst these fears the most deadly one is that of death. Death! Cessation of bodily existence! O my God, the very evocation of the word 'death' whether uttered by someone else or evoked by self-imagination immediately rattles our heart and makes it lose its composure. And it is because of this that most of us try by all means to avoid the thought of death as far as possible, mimicking in this respect an ostrich bird which foolishly thinks that all dangers will spare it if it can hide its face by plunging it in the desert sand. Now, this fear of death is something universal; it does not leave anyone untouched, be he a child or an old man, an educated person or a man of no culture. Also, this fear has two sides to it: (i) the apprehension about one's own possible death: and (ii) the dread to the face the demise of one's near and dear ones. The first one arises out of one's total unpreparedness to face calmly the extinction of his personal existence; while the second one has its origin in not being able to bear the pang of eternal separation from a beloved one through the latter's death and disappearance.
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