PERSPECTIVES Inspiring Essays on Life

PERSPECTIVES Inspiring Essays on Life
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PERSPECTIVES Inspiring Essays on Life Life is a challenge! Sustaining relationships, developing careers, maintaining health and experiencing internal traquility have become increasingly ‘difficult. Deadlines, commitments and obligations have burgeoned whereas the day has remained only twenty-four hours long! The disseminations of information by the media has brought forth knowledge of the whole universe to our doorsteps. The internet has made information available at the click of a button and communication occurs ‘at the speed of light.’ In olden times, things weren’t so pressing. There were only two times on the minds of people. One was ‘morning’ when the sun rose and the second ‘evening’ when it set! Today, time has been divided and dissected not only into seconds but micro, nano and picoseconds! Machines scream out incessantly for more and more commands, responding so quickly they compel the user to respond equally rapidly. Contemporary man is unable to keep social, physical or psychological pace with the very machines he has created. Consequently, he has become as mechanical and mindless as the instruments he operates.
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