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SANDEHA NIVARINI CHAPTER 1 Bhaktha: Swami, can we ask you freely about any topic concerning the spiritual path, which we do not know? Swami: Certainly. What is the objection? Why this doubt? What am I here for? Is it not for explaining to you things you do not know? You can ask me without any fear or hesitation. I am always ready to answer; only, I want earnest inquiry with a desire to know. Bhaktha: But some elders say it is wrong to vex the Guru with questions. Are they right, Swami? Swami: That is not correct. Whom else can the disciple approach? Since the Guru is everything to him, it is best that he consults him in all matters and then acts. Bhakta: Some say that we should reverentially carry out whatever the elders ask us to do without raising any objections. Is that your command also?
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