Self Empowerment and Your Subconscious Mind

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Self Empowerment and Your Subconscious Mind Your Unlimited Resource for Health, Success, Long life, and Spiritual Attainment Carl Llewellyn Weshcke, Joe H. Slate, PH.D Introduction You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. You can, however, feel it, and you can talk to it and you can listen to it. Your Subconscious Mind is your best friend and a mighty resource. It’s been with you since before you were even born, and…well, forever. Consciousness itself is universal, timeless, and everywhere. It’s often compared to a Great Ocean, a sea with no shores. And, then, each of us is a bit of that universal consciousness. We are separate, yet forever part of the whole. Your Personal Consciousness that was once part of the Universal Consciousness remains forever connected to it. Your Personal Consciousness is, at first, only what will later be your Subconscious Mind. “Above” it (but only figuratively) will arise your Conscious Mind and then your Super-Conscious mind. These all pre-exist in a kind of matrix that becomes filled in with experience and development, and as their structure is completed they too---especially the Super-Conscious mind---benefit from the continuous connection with the Universal Mind. There are othe elements to your Personal Consciousness that we will encounter later, but these three---sometimes also called Lower, Middle, and Higher Consciousness—concern our work in this book. And, again “above,” but only figuratively, we have the Soul, which is not directly part of your Personal Consciousness in the same way, but it is your Immortal Soul that establishes basic guidelines for the structuring of the contents of your Personal Consciousness for each lifetime. Part of your life goal is to build an interactive “bridge” between the Personal Consciousness and the Soul.
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