Sri Aurobindo

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Sri Aurobindo 1893 – 1993 A Century of Light and Action Sri Aurobindo returned to India after his studies in England, landing at Apollo Bunder, Bombay on February 6, 1893. February 6, 1993 marks the completion of the first century of his return to his Motherland. This booklet commemorates his work for India and the world. In 1879 [Sri Aurobindo’s father] took his three sons to England and placed them with a clergyman and his wife with strict instructions that they should not be allowed to make the acquaintance of any Indian or undergo any Indian influence. These instructions were carried out to the letter. . . . and Aurobindo grew up in entire ignorance of India, her people, her religion, and culture. At the age of eleven Aurobindo had already received strongly the impression that a period of general upheaval and great revolutionary changes was coming in the world and he himself was destined to play a part in it. His attention was now drawn to India and his feeling was soon canalized into the idea of the liberation of his own country. But the “firm decision” took shape only towards the end of another four years. It had already been made when he went to Cambridge and as a member and for some time secretary of the Indian Majlis at Cambridge he delivered many revolutionary speeches which, as he afterwards learnt, had their part in determining the authorities to exclude him from the Indian Civil Service. In 1890 he passed also the open competition for the Indian Civil Service, but at the end of two years of probation failed to present himself at the riding examination and was disqualified for the Service.
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