Stories - Told by the Mother 1

Stories - Told by the Mother 1
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Stories Told by the Mother 1 Can a Child Be Conscious of Its Inner Truth? For a child this is very clear, for it is a perception without any complications of word or thought- there is that which puts him at ease and that which makes him uneasy (it is not necessarily joy or sorrow which come only when the thing is very intense). And all this is much clearer in the child than in an adult, for the latter has always a mind which works and clouds his perception of the truth…. This little true thing in the child is the divine Presence in the psychic- it is also there in plants and animals. In plants it is not conscious, in animals it begins to be conscious, and in children it is very conscious. I have known children who were much more conscious of their psychic being at the age of five than at fourteen, and at fourteen than at twenty-five; and above all, from the moment they go to school where they undergo that kind of intensive mental training which draws their attention to the intellectual part of their being, they lose almost always and almost completely this contact with their psychic being.
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